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Oakley E Frame Goggle, Matte Black w/Persimmon Lens

Oakley E Frame Goggle, Matte Black w/Persimmon Lens

By: Oakley


Regular Price: $40.00

Product Description

The dual lens design reduces fog and enhances durability in your goggles. Both feature F-2 Series anti-fog treatment, lens venting to alleviate moisture, and optically pure Lexan® to keep you focused as you float in powdered bliss. We made the adjustable strap wide to offer a secure fit with the comfort of distributed pressure. Single-layer foam creates a comfortable seal that adapts to your facial anatomy with the flexibility of Urethane® frame construction.

Flexibility of urethane frame construction, maintaining flexibility even in extreme cold
Comfortable and secure fit of wide, adjustable elastic strap
Reduced glare via textured interior surface
Comfortable seal of single-layer face foam
Available with single or dual lens layers for added durability and fog reduction
Fog reduction of vented dual lens with F-2 Series anti-fog treatment
Scratch resistance and optical clarity of Lexan® lens material
Lens venting to reduce interior moisture